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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nuclear accidents calendar

Here one can find a calendar of nuclear accidents day by day showing technical failures before 1996, listed by months.
There are for sure more recent ones, but this one can at least show the tendency for past 50 years. Chernobyl was for sure the biggest and most known accident, but far not the only one.

More recent IAEA report (pdf downloadable, more general but still to be considered)


Cat. S. said...

Could be interesting to see newer maps of pollution 21 year after the initial fallout on Western Europe. Caesium might spread with ground waters and take larger territiries, while the products of it's nuclear decay have much longer half life then Caecium itself and remain in soil practically forever.
Still such maps need a yearly update - they change quickly. Maybe you know any reliable source for such data?

Joffan said...

This calendar shows the tendency of Greenpeace to scaremonger, to panic their audience with a blizzard of irrelevant nonsense.

For example. Jan 14's entry:
1969: USS Enterprise, nuclear aircraft-carrier, suffers fires and explosions, killing 28 crew members.
Relevance to nuclear power? Zero.

This is not an isolated case; most of the entries appear to be either onn-incidents or totally irrelevant.

When will they abandon their deceptive tactics and use honesty instead? Honest opposition to nuclear power can be respected; liars, not so much.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...

That's why noone trusts Greenpeace so much or considers their statements seriously :)))