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Sunday, March 16, 2008

India: A brave protest against nuclear power

Twelve students accompanied by their teacher from a college in Calicut have been camping at Jantar Mantar here since Monday to lodge a protest against the proposed Indo-US civilian nuclear deal.

The youngsters under the auspices of “Students Against Nuclear Power” launched an indefinite hunger strike earlier this week and on Friday six of them were sitting on fast, while three others had to be hospitalised as they had collapsed during their agitation, said Saji Mathew, a student.

The students have been demanding that the Union Government not sign the nuclear deal because there is “no merit” in the agreement.

“We are not just against the nuclear deal but also India opting for nuclear power because of the harmful effects for the present and future generations,” the group said.

“The strikers have been braving hunger, unfamiliar territory, hostile climatic conditions and neglect from the local police and the Government. Some MPs from Kerala have assured of their support,” Saji added.

(Source: the Hindu)

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