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Monday, December 21, 2009

Energy Solutions fight back against nuclear waste protest

[I have seen this specious argument on depleted uranium before. By such an argument, those worried about depleted uranium should supprot breeder reactors as they convert depleted uranium into shorter half-life plutonium ;-) ]


Last Update: 12/19 7:54 pm

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Energy Solutions responds to protest against nuclear waste protest.

"The one slogan they use to that depleted uranium grows more radioactive over time. That's true, but we're talking about 40,000 years," said Val Christensen, President of Energy Solutions.

Christensen also said groups like "Heal Utah" don't try to understand the science behind the safe storage of nuclear waste.

The protestors said they are voicing the concerns of many people around the state.


Anonymous said...

As one of the members of the Utah Radiation Control Board, I can categorically tell you that we are looking at the technical data on depleted uranium that is proposed to be disposed of here. Yes, it's dangerous in the future, and our charge is to protect the citizens in the future. Energy Solutions' denial of this in exchange for profit shows that they do not have any real concern for the citizens here.

rsm said...

Of course as I said earlier, depleted uranium should be treated as a future fuel, not a waste product.

If one does decide to dispose of it, yes it is a heavy metal and must be treated with care. However, our society has to manage wastes that contain arsenic and mercury which are toxic and have no half-life (i.e., they last forever). I can only hope that yous and similar regulatory authorities will use a comparative risk yardstick when evaluating proposals.

Fordi said...

"As one of the members of the Utah Radiation Control Board"

Hey, look. Internet Tough Guy (TM) credentials.

If you are, use your name.

"I can ... tell you that we are looking at the technical data..."

If you are, express your actual concern; how would you go about disposing of the U238?

Politics is not just winning an argument you should probably lose anyway; it's, ideally, for creating solutions through policy discussion.

Anonymous said...

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