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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nuclear News 12/02/2008

Russia, India Reiterate Nuclear, Hydrocarbon Plans

Russia and India today reiterated plans to jointly set up hydrocarbon projects and build nuclear power generation units in the South Asian nation in an effort to improve economic and political ties.
``I expressed my hope that the ongoing discussions between our oil and gas companies would result in finalization of joint projects in India, Russia and third countries,'' Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told reporters in New Delhi today. He spoke at a joint briefing held with Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.
The two countries will try to achieve the target of doubling trade to $10 billion by 2010, Zubkov said. Russia and India are negotiating accords discussed when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India in January 2007.

Poland, Lithuania sign power deal, spurring nuclear plan

Poland and Lithuania Tuesday signed a deal paving the way to hook up their electricity grids, helping offset Russia's energy clout and clearing a hurdle to related plans to build a new nuclear power plant.
In a ceremony with Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his Lithuanian opposite number Valdas Adamkus, the bosses of the two countries' state-owned electricity grid firms inked the accord.
The link is seen as a crucial element in beefing up regional energy security by plugging Lithuania and its Baltic neighbours into the electricity systems of the rest of the European Union.

Turkey revives nuclear power plans
The Press Association

Turkey has revived plans to build its first nuclear power plant on the Mediterranean coast despite warnings from environmentalists that the site was in an earthquake-prone location, the energy minister said.
The minister, Hilmi Guler, said everything was ready for construction at Akkuyu, near the Mediterranean coastal town of Silifke, the state-run Anatolia news agency said.
Turkey will formally invite bids for the project on February 21, he said.
Environmentalists already unhappy because of the safety concerns over nuclear power production oppose the use of the Akkuyu site because they say it is prone to earthquakes.

'Nuclear Power in Europe' Analyzes the Energy Situation in Europe and Explains Why the Continent is in Need of Utilizing Nuclear Power
Teleborsa, Italy

As of September 30, 2007 there was a total of 197 nuclear power plant units with an installed electric net capacity of 169,842 MWe in operation in Europe and 12 units with 9,991 MWe were under construction in five countries. France has been Europe's most enthusiastic devotee of nuclear power, constructing dozens of reactors since the 1970s oil crises spurred on its desire for energy independence. It has become the world's biggest net exporter of electricity, and is also a major exporter of nuclear technology.
The report Nuclear Power in Europe analyzes the energy situation in Europe and why the continent is in need of utilizing nuclear power to serve its growing need for energy and power. The report begins with an overview of nuclear power and an overview of the electricity industry in Europe. Since nuclear power is primarily used for generating electricity, it is important to gage the status of the electricity generating market in Europe.

India's nuclear power sector: no private players for now
The Hindu

The private sector will not be allowed to enter the civilian nuclear power segment for at least another seven years, according to a top government official.
The private sector’s entry is conditional on a separate set of rules for the country strategic programme and other alterations in the Atomic Energy Act. “Work is in progress and is at varying stages. This means that the private sector will not get an opportunity till 2014,” said the official who did not wish to be quoted.
Ever since India signed the 123 Agreement on the nuclear deal with the United States, the private sector has been enthusiastically examining the opportunities for setting up nuclear power plants.

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