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Friday, February 29, 2008

IAEA Concludes Operational Safety Review of Sweden’s Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant


The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has concluded its operational safety review of Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant and expects to be able to present its final report for Swedish Government inspection within around three months.

The requested OSART review is very much in line with our expectations, said Hans von Uthmann a Senior Executive Vice President of Vattenfall and chair of the board of Forsmark. I would like to thank the OSART team above all for all their hard work in identifying areas for improvement. We can also state that the IAEA inspection clearly shows that the measures initiated a year ago are already bearing fruit.

Areas where IAEA considers there are opportunities for improvement include:

  • Forsmark should review the responsibilities of operating staff, including an analysis and definition of what would be the lowest satisfactory manning level for shifts.
  • In consultation with its shareholders, Forsmark should implement an independent high-level review to maintain adequate safety accountability beyond the operator.
  • Forsmark should strengthen and improve the control and review process of operational documentation, emergency preparedness procedures, and operators aids.
  • Forsmark should improve its programme for feedback on operating experience.
  • Forsmark should establish and implement appropriate control of fire load especially in areas containing safety systems.
  • Forsmark should implement further appropriate chemistry specifications.

IAEA also identified several so-called good practices at the plant, such as:

  • A well-structured management manual which supports communication of management expectations and commitments
  • Computerised monitoring of safety functions and operating status checks
  • Effective management of fire cells in order to prevent the spread of any fire and associated fumes
  • Use of the training simulator to describe complex events to the media and other key groups.

These examples of good practice will be disseminated to other nuclear power plant around the world to enable these too, to have the opportunity of implementing them in their operations.

I am satisfied with the findings that clearly show Forsmark maintains a high international standard and I know that Forsmark has worked very hard with the international review, said Jan Edberg, President, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB. We are going to implement the invaluable suggestions we have received through the IAEA OSART review in our ongoing development programme.

(Source: Business Wire)

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