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Sunday, December 16, 2007

16/12/2007 Nuclear news

Soaring energy needs, oil prices push SE Asia to nuclear power
The India Times
As oil prices and energy demand soar in tandem in Southeast Asia, many nations are turning to nuclear power -- to the horror of environmentalists who say it is not a safe option. Thirsting for energy to fuel their growing economies, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have all put in place nuclear power strategies, aiming to build the first plants by 2015 at the earliest.

US firms eye nuke tie-ups with India
Press Trust of India
US fuel suppliers are queuing up to tap the vast potential of India's civilian nuclear industry notwithstanding the delay in IAEA negotiations, mandated by the Indo-US nuclear deal.Last week, representatives of over 20 US companies were in Mumbai exploring the possibilities of partnership in India, which could run into several billion dollars in nuclear fuel supplies alone.Concerned over the delay in the negotiations, US companies' representatives feared that India may lose out to China if it did not hurry. It is expected that at least 200 to 300 nuclear power reactors would come up globally and the fuel supply chain was very important.

IAEA in full control of Iran's nuclear program: Russia
Russia has said it believes Iran's nuclear programme is fully under control of the UN Nuclear watchdog and that in the presence of the international agency the Islamic country will not go for weaponisation.
'The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has full control over Iran's nuclear activities and the country will never obtain high enriched uranium while the IAEA is there,' Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak said Saturday.

Iran: No date for completion of Bushehr nuclear power plant
Al Bawaba
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini on Sunday said that no date can yet be fixed for completion of Bushehr nuclear power plant. Addressing foreign and domestic reporters, he termed talks between Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Russian officials in Moscow as "comprehensive and effective".
"We believe that Russians are serious in their commitments," he said adding, "But still no date can be fixed for completion of Bushehr power plant."

New era of nuclear power beginning, but at what risk?
Hattiesburg American
Power companies are beginning to file applications to build up to 32 nuclear plants over the next 20 years, the first since the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania halted plans for new reactors and led to sweeping changes in safety regulations. It's partly a reflection of how, amid concerns about climate change, communities have become more open to nuclear power as a cleaner alternative to pollution-belching coal-fired plants.
Critics and advocates of nuclear power generally agree that improvements in equipment and employee training have helped to make nuclear plants safer since the partial meltdown of a reactor at Three Mile Island.

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