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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Iran: Bushehr plant ready by March

Today CNN has reported the statement of Iranian Energy Minister confirming that the Bushehr nuclear power plant will be launched withing 3 months, approximately in March. Russia has already made the first fuel delivery to this site.
Iran's first nuclear power plant will be operational within three months,
providing electricity to Iran's national power grid by the summer, according to
Iranian Energy Minister Parviz Fattah.

Russia, which is building the Bushehr plant for Iran, started delivering
nuclear fuel to the facility a week ago as part of a compromise effort to
alleviate concerns over Iran's nuclear intentions while supporting Iran's right
to a nuclear energy program.

However, Sergei Shmatko head of Atomstroyexport, Russian company constructing the plant, said 3 days ago in his interview to RIA Novosti:
"I promised to verify the timeframe for the construction of the Bushehr nuclear plant, but I can say with certainty that the plant will not be commissioned before the end of 2008."

End 2008 or beginning 2008 - which estimation to consider correct?
Time will show, but it seems as Iranian officials are eager to launch the plant as soon as possible while the construction agents are estimating the commissioning date of the plant including some extra time to finalize the work with maximum quality. Therefore one can expect the launch of Bushehr somewhere in between those 2 dates - let's say, summer 2008.

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