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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Editorial in NYTimes on Iran fuel delivery

Fuel for Bushehr
NY times Opinion, Published: December 27, 2007

President Bush is not eager to pick another fight with the Russians. So he
did the diplomatic thing last week and said that it is good that Russia finally
delivered fuel for Iran’s Russian-built nuclear power reactor at Bushehr. Don’t
believe it.
The Bush administration should remind everyone who will listen about the
dangers posed by an Iran that even knows how to build a nuclear weapon. But it
will have a lot more credibility if it backs that up with a serious offer of
comprehensive talks and real rewards if Iran is willing to give up its fuel
program and cooperate with international inspectors. That may not change Iran’s
behavior. It may be the only way to stop the rest of the world from following
Russia’s path to Tehran’s door.

I would rather leave this without a comment - it shows clearly the US tendency to point to the "rest of the world" where to stand in this case. Sounds so openly propagandistic - that it even awakes a nostalgy for press opinion articles in the former USSR.

Another similar article can be found in yesterdays Wall Street J0urnal -
Dealing With Iran's Nuclear Bomb Ambitions

The thoughtful commentary by ex-CIA chief and Secretary of Defense James
Schlesinger regarding the National Intelligence Estimate's stunning reversal on
Iranian nuclear proliferation is right on the mark ("Stupid
Intelligence on Iran
," op-ed, Dec. 19). This report has dashed most
remaining hope that China and Russia (and perhaps much of Europe as well) will
support stiffer sanctions against Iran's 24/7 uranium enrichment program.
Mr. Schlesinger points out, it's well known that it's a short, easy path from
uranium enrichment (the hard part) to an operable nuclear weapon (the easy part
-- it's just a simple pipe bomb). Thus Iran continues full-bore developing the
hard part right under our noses.

Again, the US is behaving as a "world watchdog", at the same time more focused on their own interest than anyone else's, and as soon as someone who is not an ally to the US is trying to make a successful deal or there is a certain risk of gaining more power (including nuclear power), this is an appropriate reaction one can expect from US state structures.

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