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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The new nuclear power plant of Murmansk

Russia’s powerful state corporation on nuclear energy Rosatom has decided to construct a new nuclear power plant in the Kola Peninsula. The new plant will replace the capacities of the existing Kola NPP and begin production in the period 2017-2019.

The Kola NPP-2 will be built on the coast of the Imandra Lake about ten kilometres from the existing Kola NPP, Rosatom’s department on contact with public organisations and the regions, Igor Konyshev said to news agency Rosbalt.

He confirmed that the new plant will replace the capacities of the existing and aging Kola NPP, located in Polyarnye Zory south in the Kola Peninsula. Two of the four reactors at the existing plant have already exceeded their lifetime limit, and now continue generation with special permissions.

The reactors each have a 440 MWh capacity. The plant today provides about 50 percent of the region’s energy demands.

The reactors of the new NPP is believed to be typed BBER-300 - a hybrid of a regular land-based reactor and the KLT-40S reactor used in nuclear-powered ships. The new type of reactors is currently being developed by a Russian-Kazakh joint venture, Interfax earlier reported.

(Source: Barents Observer)

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