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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turkish nuclear plant tender attracts just one bid

[For anyone that has worked on one of these nuclear proposals, they are onerous. With Turkey so often cancelling the bid, I am personally not surprised at the lack of response...]



Russia's Atomstroiexport has become the only bidder to construct Turkey's first nuclear power plant, and five other firms have refrained from submitting bids, authorities said Wednesday.
Haci Duran Gokkaya, the head of Turkey's state-run electricity company, said authorities would evaluate the bid and it was not clear yet if the tender would be canceled.
The reason for failure to attract more bidders by the deadline Wednesday was not known, but some firms complained that they needed more time to prepare.
Activists often protest against plans to build the plant on the Mediterranean coast. Turkey also plans to build a second nuclear plant later, near the Black Sea port city of Sinop.


Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Robert, it looks like Russians have already made an agreement with the Turks, at least a few months in advance, and the whole tender thing was just a formally required procedure :)

rsm said...

Well, let's see if it gets built this time. Turkey has tried three times before to build a nuclear station and the deal has collapsed.

Maybe fourth time is a charm. ;-)