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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

EC Firmly against the Restart of Kozloduy Units 3 and 4

The Bulgarian Government insists on restarting the units

Brussels would not allow Bulgaria to switch on the NPP units in Kozloduy that were traded against the country's accession to the EU in 2007. The European Commission does not believe the re-start of units third and fourth could help Bulgaria solve the gas crisis problems in short terms, Ferran Tarradellas, Spokesman of the EU Energy Commissioner, Spiebalgs told the Bulgarian National Radio yesterday.
He pointed out that the European Commission was doing the necessary for the real solution of the problem via immediate restoration of gas supplies. The spokesperson also said that by now no official demand had been received in Brussels for the restart of the nuclear units from Bulgaria. Sofia's stand on the reopening of the decommissioned units came in the words of Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Sergey Stanishev who said that the option was being considered closely but all sides of the issue should be taken into account.
"Reopening of third and fourth units means that Bulgaria will lose the compensations that Europe pays for their untimely decommissioning," said Bulgaria's Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev yesterday.
He added that such an initiative may create tension between Bulgaria and the European Union and that analysis should be made on the Bulgarian projects and initiatives that would not be financed as a result of that tension. The Prime Minister believes the gas crisis was almost over. To his words very precise calculation of the possible economic profits and losses should be made if such a decision is made and reminded that the expiry date of the units is 2010.
On the other hand Bulgaria's Minister of Energy, Petar Dimitrov told the bTV that the official pledge of the Bulgarian Government for temporary re-decommissioning of the fourth nuclear units would be submitted on February 10. To his words PM Stanishev will then present Bulgaria's stand in Brussels.

Source: Standart

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