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Friday, January 9, 2009

A thought watching the news about the gas shortages in Europe

The gas scandal between Russia and Ukraine, and, as a result of that, supply stop to several EU countries, is on top of the news since the new year, and I would like to comment a bit on that.
I remember myself several years ago when similar situation happened in Belarus. Russia just cut off gas supply for us for 3 days. That was winter time, cold as usual. And we had our neighbors from upstairs asking to boil them some water. We happened to be the only family in the house of 36 apartments that had an electric stove.
Russian gas is getting more and more expensive, and its delivery troublesome (the current situation with transit is not just an occasion - it is a tendency when a country uses gas supply as a political instrument). Building more gas pipelines for Western Europe will mean more dependence on Russian gas.
Nowadays, I sit in Sweden in my warm apartment and cook on an electric stove. I did not see any gas stoves here, heating is supplied from burning wood pellets and household garbage. The only gas equipment is camping gas (for a forest occasion).
I was thinking why not constructing a few more NPPS in those EU countries that are now so dependent on Russian gas, and slowly replacing gas equipment by electric, instead of investing into new expensive pipelines on the sea bottom in order to continue buying expensive gas?

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