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Monday, October 29, 2007

Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries

Nuclear programs are about to emerge in at least 20 countries, with totally different level of economy development.
Italy, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Iran, Gulf states, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Chile, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand - here is the list.
Such data might give us a push to think that the tendency of nuclear development is taking place in world economy in general - if we consider that major nuclear actors like the USA and Russia are developing their nuclear capacities as well.

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Maria Ekman said...

In fact this means that all those countries will not be building own reactors by themselves but ordering them from major players like Atomtechexport (Russia), Areva group (France) or any other of the world nuclear giants. I don't think those companies are ready for such flow of orders at once. At the same time it means that there will be demand for specialists in nuclear power - and that takes at least a generation to educate them in quantity enough to run own independent nuclear profram. So far this nuclear rise will happen in best case within the coming 20 years. But who knows if we need it in 20 years.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Then there will be priority waiting line, and again someone might find themselves in an unfavourable situation. Thats west-dominated world economy :(