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Monday, October 1, 2007

Nuclear power in Sweden - police VS Greenpeace activists

Recently this story is widely published and discussed in Swedish mass median brief this is what happened: several Greenpeace activists were trying to stop a boat carrying nuclear waste from Sweden to UK, but were blocked by police and coast guard.
Full story can be found here (Swedish):
A boat called Atlantic Osprey left this morning the port of Studsvik just outside the city of Norköping, with the cargo of nuclear waste left from the experimental reactor in Studsvik which was decommisioned by the government in 2005, to Sellafields in Great Britain. The activists of Greenpeace surrounded the vessel in rubber boats, some of them actually went swimming around the vessel. Police and coast guard picked them up and kept the rubber boats on distance so that the vessel could continue its journey on the way to England.
The story is being discussed in mass media in Sweden from the very moment when Greenpeace activists have put up tents near the coast in order to kepp an eye on the vessel when it passes by, and gave interviews to Swedish television. Their main argument is that nuclea waste should not be exported to other countries where it will not be possible to handle it properly. Moreover, the existing EU legislation prohibits export of any type of dangerous waste including nuclear outside EU and also within EU from one country to another without special allowance from the government of accepting country.
So on which side is the law? Police or those whom they fight? I will follow the development of the situation. One positive remark I would like to make regarding the work of Swedish journalists drawing attention to the issue.

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