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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nuclear news - selected

Starting from today I will be posting selected links to several articles from various media related to nuclear issues - for sure those I find worth reading myself, and might advise you who follow the topic to read and be aware as well.

You are welcome to post comments or start a discussion over any article, suggest related ones on some topic etc. or even post your own article if you wish to.

Nuclear power output could double by 2030 - IAEA


The world's output of nuclear power could nearly double by 2030, fuelled by demand from energy-hungry emerging economies and fears about security of supply and climate change, the UN said on Wednesday.

But the share that nuclear energy will contribute to global electricity production is still set to decline over the same period, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in its latest annual projection of growth of nuclear power.

Seven of UK's 19 reactors closed

Nearly a third of Britain's nuclear power reactors have been out of action due to breakdowns and maintenance.

Iranian nuclear negotiators meet with European leaders

International Herald Tribune
The Iranian nuclear negotiators and European leaders met for another round of discussions Wednesday, facing a deadline next month for the delivery of a report on Iran's nuclear development to the Security Council.

After the meeting, the new negotiator, Saeed Jalili, who was appointed over the weekend, attended a news conference but did not speak. His predecessor, Ali Larijani, who joined him for this set of talks, struck an upbeat tone, speaking of a constructive tone at the talks "that might lead to further progress." Larijani did not offer details.

The Nuclear Gambit with Iran

The Moscow Times
When President Vladimir Putin was in Tehran last week, one image from the trip was indelible: Putin meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei while President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat in the corner of the sofa. Putin apparently made an offer directly to the supreme leader about a way to move forward in the nuclear standoff. According to the proposal, the six parties negotiating with Iran would pause on seeking sanctions in the United Nations Security Council if Iran would pause on its enrichment program. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad appeared to be sidelined.

Iran stands firm on peaceful nuclear use

Iran will continue to uphold its right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, the country's chief nuclear negotiator said on Tuesday.

"The nuclear issue is a subject on which there is unity and consensus in Iran. The path that has been taken is supported by our entire nation and all interested parties," Saeed Jalili, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, was quoted by the IRNA news agency as saying.

S. Korea Says North Will Start Dismantling Nuclear Programs Next Month

VOA News
Senior South Korean officials say North Korea is ready to start dismantling key nuclear facilities within weeks. The moves are part of a multinational agreement aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons programs. VOA Seoul Correspondent Kurt Achin reports.

Russia scraps 9 missile complexes under US-Soviet arms treaty

Zee News
Russia has scrapped nine nuclear strategic missile complexes under the 1991 US-Soviet Arms Reduction Treaty.
Under the strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-I), nine old Topol missile complexes were scrapped between October 8-23, according to a statement issued by the country's strategic missile forces.

Volvo Trucks Nix Nuclear Power

Sveriges Radio International

Sweden’s Volvo, the world’s second largest truck maker, has announced that it will stop buying Swedish electricity generated by nuclear power.

Nuclear power to remain important energy source - IAEA

Nuclear power is to remain a major source of energy around the world in the coming decades, especially given the concerns over climate change and energy security, the UN nuclear watchdog said.

'Nuclear power's prominence as a major energy source will continue over the next several decades,' the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a new report, entitled 'Energy, Electricity and Nuclear Power Estimates for the period up to 2030.'

COST OF THE REVERSE - Not being in the nuclear club will hurt India’s energy supply

The Telegraph - Calcutta, India
Coming now to power, India can build nuclear power plants on its own, as it has; it may also be true that Russia will be prepared to sell it nuclear power plants and uranium enrichment plants. But if India became a member of the nuclear club, it could freely import and export power plants, fissile material, heavy water and other ancillaries. There would be far more suppliers of these things to India, and they would have to compete. India would obtain access to a much wider range of technologies, and be able to buy goods and technologies much cheaper than if it were to go alone.

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