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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kasiwazaki Kariwa - new leakage of radioactive water

A new radioactive water leakage was detected at Kasiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant in Japan.

Japanese energy company TEPCO has confirmed the fact of radioactive water leakage in the building of block No. 7 of Kasiwazaki Kariwa plant, recovered after a powerful earthquake in July this year. This is the second leakage case this week.

As the company reports, the leakage was coming from the third floor of the reactor building, and the possible source of it was the exposure pool for spent fuel.

On the 21st of October a leakage was detected on the same block of the plant via a crack in a wall.

Source: www.atominfo.ru


Maria Ekman said...

Isn't this the largest commercial nuclear power plant in the world? They could have taken better care of it - like for instance stopping the activity after the quake untill all security is checked etc...
Which of course they cannot do - Tokyo needs electricity!

Anonymous said...

Water leakage is not that dangerous - it just goes into the sea and mixes with the natural radiactivity. Depends how much of course - are there any figures?

Anonymous said...

So there is a crack in the wall, does not this mean that the entire building might collapse?

Chernobyl_hedgehog said...

I suppose the crack was too small to be detected at first. Keep on following the news or see IAEA website if there are more facts on this case.