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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Areva May Participate in Power Plant Construction in Romania

A new nuclear power plant being planned by the Romanian government in Transylvania, central Romania will have Areva, the French constructor of nuclear power plants, participating in the project, reported Romanian news agency Rompres, citing Power Engineering International's online story as its original source.

It is reported that the government is contemplating on commissioning the project by 2020 and may base the 1,200MW plant near the Mures, Somes, or Olt Rivers.

The new plant, which is being built in the country following the steep rise in oil and gas prices globally, will reportedly use new technology unlike the existing nuclear power plant at Cernavoda that uses Canadian Candu reactor.

"Romania needs a second plant as energy demand is permanently on the rise and fossil energy will be replaced," Philippe Garderet, scientific director of Areva, was quoted as saying by the publication.

(Source: RedOrbit)

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Garderet 'gets it'.. energy demand is going to keep growing. This internet we are talking on is estimated to have increased electrical demand 11% so far.. and that was as of a couple years ago.