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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exelon to cooperate with watchdog on TMI

[Similar arrangements have been made in the past (e.g., Comanche Peak cooperated with antis on document access to eliminate permit opposition).]


Exelon to cooperate with watchdog on TMI
By David Dagan

Exelon Corp. agreed to help a nuclear watchdog group keep tabs on Three Mile Island for the next five years.

The agreement was reached with EFMR Monitoring Group, which is led by nuclear activist Eric Epstein. Under the deal, Epstein agreed not to file legal challenges to the relicensing of Three Mile Island Unit 1. The unit's license expires in 2014, but Chicago-based Exelon is trying to extend the life of the plant until 2034.

The pact calls for Exelon to increase local charitable giving and to help fund an upgrade of a radiation-monitoring system EFMR operates around the plant, Epstein said. The company also committed not to store nuclear waste from other plants at Three Mile Island, Epstein said. A previous deal between EFMR and Three Mile Island had expired in 2006.

EFMR also monitors York County's Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, which is co-owned by Exelon and Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.

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