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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moscow will complete Bushehr power plant in time: Russia

Acting secretary of Russian Security Council Valentin Sobolev here on Wednesday expressed Russia’s commitment to complete the Bushehr nuclear power plant in due time.
In a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki, Sobolev said Russia is determined to improve its relations with Tehran to the highest level. “Further political relations will facilitate bilateral cooperation,” he noted. Mottaki stressed Iran’s right to utilize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and denounced the “unfair system dominating international relations”. Mottaki said the results of presidential and parliamentary elections in Russia and Iran were an endorsement to the two countries’ policies. He also added that the world can make use of “Iran’s potential, innovations, and strength” by initiating a “constructive and comprehensive dialogue” system. Acting secretary of Russian Security Council arrived in Tehran on Sunday to negotiate with Iranian officials over expansion of bilateral relations. Sobolev described his talks with Iranian officials as “constructive.
(Source: Tehran Times)


Anonymous said...

In other news I read a swiss company signed a potential 42 billion dollar deal with Iran to import natural gas. And Iran is already burning 125,766 barrels of oil a day to produce electricity. Besides that oil generation basically the other 80-90% of Iran's other generation is natural gas.

The annual market value of those 125k barrels of oil per day is 4.5$ billion.


rsm said...

Yes the balnace of payments issue is what convinced Mexico to build Laguna Verde (i.e., more money exporting the oil than burning it even after the cost of building the nuclear plant). Of course, the Iranians keep raising suspicions by their centrifuge activities far more that any work at Bushehr.