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Saturday, May 10, 2008

China, Pak. plan to set up corp to build nuke power plants

China and Pakistan plan to set up a corporation to build nuclear and coal-based power plants in this country, and Beijing has agreed to expedite the delivery of six atomic power plants of 300 MW each to its strategic ally.

The decision to form the China-Pakistan Power Plant Corporation was made during President Pervez Musharraf's visit to China last month. China also promised to help Pakistan achieve its target of generating 8,800 MW of nuclear power by 2030 by speeding up the delivery of the six nuclear plants, the sources said.

China earlier assisted Pakistan in setting up the Chashma-1 and Chashma-2 nuclear power plants with a capacity of 300 MW each. Several joint working groups and studies are being undertaken by the two countries to speed up cooperation in different fields, particularly the energy sector, the sources told the Dawn newspaper.

At the same time, Pakistan is building a USD 1.2 billion facility to develop the capability to manufacture full-cycle nuclear fuel and power plants, they said. The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) will set up the Pakistan Nuclear Power Fuel Complex to attain 100 per cent capability to indigenously manufacture pressurised water reactors and nuclear power plants.

Pakistan made the decision to set up the Rs 36.1 billion Complex following the denial of technology by nuclear suppliers to all countries except favoured ones. The sources cited as an example the proposed US deal with India for civil nuclear technology sales.

The Pakistan Nuclear Power Fuel Complex will comprise a chemical processing plant, a fuel fabrication plant, a nuclear fuel testing project and the Seamless Tube Plant-1.

(Source: The Hindu)


Anonymous said...

I did some research and it looks like Pakistan's current electric grid is around 18 gigawatts. And a lot of people aren't even connected to the electric grid at all.

So they've got to build a lot, which means lots of jobs and hard work.


Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Yes, indeed, from my own travel experience in North India and Pakistan I can tell you that there are huge areas without a single bulb shining, especially in the mountains. So there is a lot of work to be done.