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Monday, December 1, 2008

EU calls for reinforced training in nuclear fields


2008-12-01 14:41:35 GMT2008-12-01 22:41:35 (Beijing Time) Xinhua English
BRUSSELS, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) members on Monday called for reinforced training in nuclear fields so as to preserve a sound nuclear knowledge base.

EU industry ministers, who are meeting in Brussels, warned that there is a real risk of losing nuclear knowledge for the EU, as numerous retirements in the nuclear field will be seen in a short term.

The ministers called to reinforce training in nuclear fields and remove administrative impediments to the free movement of nuclear experts.

They also asked for more coordination in nuclear education and training in Europe on the basis of the European Nuclear Education Network and underlined the need to reinforce the teaching of mathematics, physics and chemistry at each level so that nuclear-related education can have a solid basis.

The ministers said that appropriate conditions must be created for mutual recognition of nuclear professional qualifications throughout the EU.

They also encouraged EU member states and the European Commission to establish a review mechanism for professional qualifications and skills in the nuclear field.

"For obvious safety reasons, the existence of a knowledge base is indispensable to the improvement of the whole nuclear power cycle," the ministers said in a statement.

Almost one third of EU's electricity is supplied by some 152 nuclear reactors currently.

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