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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poland Needs At Least 2 Nuclear Pwr Plants;Eyes Private Owners-PM

Poland needs at least two nuclear power plants to cope with requirements of the European Union's climate package approved last week, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Wednesday.

"Poland, especially its Northern part, needs at least two nuclear power plants. We need to find their owners among private companies," Tusk told radio TOK FM in an interview.

Tusk added that his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait was aimed at finding potential investors in the Polish energy sector.

Poland won significant concessions to the initial version of the climate package, which allow its coal-intensive electricity generation sector to remain exempted from full auctioning of carbon dioxide emission rights until 2020.

Polish power plants will have to buy CO2 permits at auctions after 2020. According to experts nuclear power plants cannot be built before 2021-2022.

(Source: EasyBourse)

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