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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Russian expert suggests Kaliningrad nuclear plan for Baltics

If foreign investors are roped into building Baltic nuclear plant in Kaliningad, they’re most likely Baltic countries, who are interested in fortifying their energy security, Aleksei Ivanov from Kurchanov’s institute told Regnum, ERR News reports.

Planned power of Baltic nuclear plant (2300 mega watts) assumes export to neighbours, Baltic counties, since the plant is too powerful for Kaliningrad.

Declaration about investments into two energy blocks of Baltic nuclear plant was signed on November 21. Investment into that is 124.3 billion rubles (EEK 59.6 bln).

Considering the energy deficit in that part of the Europe, especially after Ignalina’s closure, only Baltic nuclear plan can guarantee energy supply, Ivanov said. No noted that other countires haven’t got further of words in he question of building nuclear plant.

(Source: Baltic Business News)

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