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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Belarusian nuclear power plant - two different views

Building nuclear power plant in Belarus named strategic task
National Legal Internet Portal, Belarus

Building a nuclear power plant is a real prospect, a strategic task Belarus will not abandon, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told a session of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus on January 15. The session tabled the development of nuclear power engineering in the country.
“It is time for us to once more analyse all pros and cons, consider all things and take a fundamental political decision concerning the necessity of developing nuclear power engineering in Belarus,” said the President. In his words, the decision is historical, as it will determine the economic, energy and political independence of future generations of Belarusians.

Does Lukashenka hope “Russian” nuclear power plant will save him from Russia?
Charter'97, Belarus

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is not fully satisfied with speed of preparatory works for construction of the nuclear power plant. At the same time he states the nuclear plant is a real opportunity to “counteract dictate of monopolists”, “minimise the damage caused as a result of critical situations” and “enhance independence.” It should be reminded that previously Lukashenka said he would construct nuclear plant with the help of Russia.
“Preparation for construction of the nuclear plant is slow, there is no distinct vision and algorithms of solution of fundamental tasks in the sphere of nuclear energy, there’s no perfect forecast for the construction with all inner and external factors taken into consideration. Most significant aspects – place of construction, project and main contractor, haven’t been defined yet,” the Belarusian ruler said at the sitting of the Security Council of Belarus.

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