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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nuclear News 24/01/2008

USA: Drought Could Force Nuke-Plant Shutdowns

Nuclear reactors across the Southeast could be forced to throttle back or temporarily shut down later this year because drought is drying up the rivers and lakes that supply power plants with the awesome amounts of cooling water they need to operate.
Utility officials say such shutdowns probably wouldn't result in blackouts. But they could lead to shockingly higher electric bills for millions of Southerners, because the region's utilities may be forced to buy expensive replacement power from other energy companies.
Already, there has been one brief, drought-related shutdown, at a reactor in Alabama over the summer.

Iran receives 6th consignment of nuclear fuel from Russia

China View

Iran received a sixth shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia on Thursday for its first nuclear power plant being built at the Gulf port city of Bushehr, the official IRNA news agency reported.
11-ton shipment has been forwarded to Bushehr nuclear power plant, IRNA quoted Iran's Atomic Energy Production and Development Company as saying.
So far, 66 tons out of a total 82 tons of fuel needed for primary stage of commissioning of the Bushehr nuclear power plant have been received, the company said, noting that the remaining two shipments will be delivered to Iran according to the schedule.

Move to bring Iran nuclear issue back to UN 'illegal': Tehran

Iran's top nuclear negotiator on Wednesday dismissed moves by international powers on a new UN resolution over Tehran's nuclear programme as part of an "illegal" strategy."This whole process is illegal," negotiator Saeed Jalili said during a visit to Brussels.Both the last report by the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a recent US report showed that there was "no proof of any diversion" of the country's civil nuclear energy programme for military purposes, he said.

Beware the rush for nuclear power
Belfast Telegraph

We are being sold nuclear power as the green option - the answer to our climate change prayers.
Let's not be fooled. From the extraction of raw materials (do we imagine the uranium grows on fluffy bushes by the roadside?) to the construction and operation of plants, to the unanswered question of waste disposal and storage, nuclear power is dangerous and dirty.

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