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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nuclear news 9/01/2008

North Korea still wants nuclear deal: U.S. envoy
North Korea is still committed to an international disarmament-for-aid deal, a U.S. nuclear envoy said on Wednesday, urging patience even though the reclusive state missed a deadline to list its nuclear arms program.
Under a deal it reached with regional powers, North Korea was supposed to provide by the end of 2007 an inventory of its fissile material and nuclear weaponry and answer U.S. suspicions it had a secret program to enrich uranium for weapons.

Critics try to sway debate on U.S.-India nuclear deal
Critics of the U.S.-India civil nuclear agreement on Wednesday urged two international groups whose approval is vital to the deal to take steps to ensure it does not undermine global nonproliferation efforts.
Nearly 100 nongovernmental organizations and 25 individuals made their case in a letter to the 45 nations of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, which governs international nuclear trade, and to some board members of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog.

Nuclear UK: Cabinet short-circuits obstacles to building 10 nuclear stations
The cabinet yesterday ended nearly four years of tortuous internal debate and backed plans, due to be unveiled tomorrow, designed to entice the nuclear industry to invest in a new generation of 10 nuclear power stations in Britain.
The new stations are intended to provide Britain with energy security by reducing dependence on imported gas and oil. They are likely to produce 20% or more of UK electricity needs and will replace today's generation of ageing reactors.

Canada: Watchdog urges review of nuclear plant
The Globe and Mail
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission says that Ontario Power Generation's proposal to build a new nuclear power station at its Darlington site should be subjected to a review by an environmental assessment panel.
The recommendation was made by the safety watchdog yesterday and submitted to Environment Minister John Baird, who must make the final decision on whether to appoint a panel, the strongest action available under federal regulations.

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