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Friday, January 4, 2008

Nuclear News 4-01-2008

China's first 3G nuclear plant to begin construction in March - report
China's Sanmen power plant, the country's first third-generation nuclear plant, is due to begin construction in March, the China Daily said, citing State Nuclear Power Technology Co (SNPTC).
The plant in eastern Zhejiang Province is expected to be in operation by August 2013.

UK seen giving green light to new nuclear plants
Britain is expected to give the go-ahead to a new generation of nuclear power stations next week, sparking a frenzy of deal-making by nuclear firms as well as a fresh challenge from environmental campaigners.
"I don't think the government has any other option," said analyst David Cunningham at Arbuthnot Securities. "It's a necessary evil."

Scientists criticise nuclear plans
The government's attempts to reach consensus over plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations have once again provoked controversy. A group of prominent academics and scientists has criticised the government's consultation on energy supply, warning it failed to address crucial questions such as the risk from radiation, safe disposal of nuclear waste and the increased possibility of a terror attack.

Nuclear power: a gift or a curse?
Recently, visiting Egypt, Sarkozy offered the country a helping hand to develop civilian nuclear technology. "Egypt has considerable energy needs," he proclaimed, and so do many other countries in the region threatened by their rapidly depleting oil stocks.The new year will only see the continuation of Sarkozy's mission as he lands in the GCC equipped with civil nuclear power as a diplomatic tool to attract Gulf investors in French nuclear energy services.
With France generating almost 80% of its electricity from nuclear power, and state-owned Areva currently the world's largest maker of nuclear reactors, it is only natural for Sarkozy to play these resources to his advantage. More than this, one is also tempted to question the underlying price of such deals.

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