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Monday, January 28, 2008

Nuclear news 28/01/2008

Timing of India civil nuclear deal unclear - Areva head

The head of French nuclear firm Areva said in a newspaper interview that French civil nuclear cooperation with India hinged on an international deal whose finalisation was still unclear.
"Everything depends on authorising civil nuclear cooperation with India and on that issue the timing is political. We are waiting on the starting line, this unlocking could take place this smmer as it could take place in 2010," CEO Anne Lauvergeon told French daily Les Echos.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited India last week to cement ties with that country, trying to boost civil nuclear cooperation and defence deals.

Russia Completes Nuclear Fuel Deliveries to Iran
VOA News

Russia says it has made its eighth and last fuel delivery for Iran's nuclear power plant at Bushehr.
Since the first delivery last month, Russia has sent a total of 82 tons of nuclear fuel to the Gulf port plant.
Iran says it hopes to have the power plant operating at 50 percent capacity by the middle of the year. But Russia says it doubts if the facility can be started up before the end of 2008.

'Serious consequences' if UN adopts sanctions: Iran

Iran warned on Monday of "serious consequences" if the UN Security Council adopts fresh sanctions against Tehran over its refusal to halt sensitive nuclear work.
"If a resolution is passed... it will have serious and logical consequences and we will announce them later," Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told a press conference.
His comments came as the Security Council was due on Monday to review a proposed third set of sanctions over Tehran's refusal to halt uranium enrichment, while Russia confirmed the final delivery of fuel for Iran's first nuclear power plant.

Iranian lawmaker threatens to downgrade economic ties with France over nuclear dispute

A senior Iranian lawmaker on Monday threatened to downgrade Iran's economic ties with France over the dispute of Tehran's nuclear program, local ISNA news agency reported.
Alaeddin Boroujerdi
, head of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy commission, criticized French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his "pointless, hard-line and unfriendly" policies against Iran, especially in the Iranian nuclear issue.
"France will be excluded from Iran's automobile industry incase Sarkozy continues his hostile policies," Boroujerdi was quoted as saying.


rsm said...

Interesting that India is interested in the EPR. With so much Thorium, I would have expected more interest in this fuel.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...

They are actually about to certify a new Thorium reactor - but it still takes time till it's constructed and run in amounts large enough for the second largest country in the world. Maybe that is why they keep on looking at EPR and continue Areva talks. Again, Areva are doing their business to see the reactors.