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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Floating nuclear power plant is about to be installed in Chukotka, Russia

The floating plant is about to be installed in Plevek bay in Chukotka. The place selected by Energoatom specialists as well protected from seasonal winds. The plant is supposed to supply Plevek with electricity. The approximate date for plant construction, delivery and launch is 2012, but some of the technical engineering procedures will start next year.

Russian company Rosenergoatom is planning to build 7 plants of this type before 2015. They can be placed near Kamchatka, in Kaliningrad region, on Russkiy island (Russian Pacific coast). The company representatives state that the floating plant is secure from the environmental point of view, just as other nuclear driven vessels as icecrackers and submarines are. Although the inhabitants of Vladivostok and Kaliningrad are generally against the "peaceful atom" right in front of their homes.

(Source: Atominfo.ru)

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