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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iran: Resolution 1835 an unjustified political statement: spokesman

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said on Monday that the United Nations Resolution 1835 is an unjustified political statement.

In his weekly press briefing, Qashqavi reaffirmed Iranian right to produce nuclear energy for civilian utility.

He said that Western governments and the 5+1 group should clarify what they have done for confidence building with Iranian nation.

Qashqavi rejected the idea that Iran had made a deal with Russia over Moscow’s support for Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program in return for Iran’s support of Russia on Georgia crisis.

“Who said that we make compromise with this or that power on Iran’s nuclear issue or our national interests?” asked the spokesman noting that such impressions are devoid of sense.

Qashqavi challenged the Security Council interference in technical dispute between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“No Security Council resolution is required as long as Iranian nuclear program poses no threat.”

The IAEA has verified non-diversion of Iranian nuclear program calling on Iran to accept Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty which grants the agency intrusive inspection to nuclear sites.

Iran said in response that it will accept the Additional Protocol if the Security Council returns the Iranian dossier to the Vienna-based specialized agency.

No further delay envisaged for Bushehr power plant

On Bushehr power plant project, Qashqavi said the project will face no further delay and it will come on stream on schedule.

Asked whether the latest resolution by UN Security Council on Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program will have any impact on the Russian role to commission the Bushehr power plant, Qashqavi told reporters that no delay will take place in inauguration of Bushehr power plant.

He rejected the speculation that Bushehr power plant should have become operational on September 21.

Enrichment of uranium to continue to produce fuel

Elsewhere in his address Qashqavi said that Iran will continue uranium enrichment to produce fuel citing the rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“We regard uranium enrichment as our legitimate rights and believe that its suspension is an illegal demand,” he said.

Qashqavi termed the recent UN Security Council resolution as a political statement and ‘unjustifiable’ adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is to continue its peaceful nuclear program.

Cameras of the International Atomic Energy Agency are monitoring all Iranian nuclear sites round the clock.

“Now it is the western countries along with the 5+1 group who should answer our questions to prove their sincerity in confidence building for Iranian nation,” he said.

“We are ready to continue cooperation within IAEA’s Safeguards Agreement.”

Criticizing the Resolution 1835, he said Iran’s peaceful nuclear program does not require Security Council resolution.

Iran cooperates progressively with regional countries

On allegations made by United Arab Emirates foreign minister at UN General Assembly, Qashqavi said “All should avoid voicing comments which will be misused by others.”

“We have a progressive cooperation with the countries in the region and hope that through expansion of mutual relations to witness constructive approach to this end.”

He said that certain powers seek to influence the regional developments and that the countries in the region should exercise vigilance to prevent such measures.

In response to a question on Washington’s plan to open an interest section in Tehran, he said Iran has not received formal request from the U.S. to that effect.

(Source: Tehran Times)

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