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Friday, October 3, 2008

US says not contemplating a nuclear deal with Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The US has said it was not contemplating any deal with Pakistan similar to the Indo-US nuclear agreement, insisting that New Delhi's
case was "unique" because of its past record on non-proliferation.

"At the moment, I'm not aware of a contemplation of a similar such (nuclear) deal at this time with Pakistan," State department Spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters here.

He disagreed with the suggestion that after cutting a "special" deal with India, others would seek civil nuclear cooperation.

"... of course, some may ask for similar treatment. The India case, however, we believed was unique and was unique in the respect of a long history of Indian behaviour that was there for all to see," McCormack said.

The spokesman replied in the negative when asked if the issue was raised by the Pakistan leadership during recent bilateral meetings.

"In the most recent meeting with the Secretary (Condolezzaa Rice), that's the only one I can personally speak to at this point. That issue did not come up. I know that the issue has come up periodically in public. I think I've had to
answer questions about it before and our position is the same" he said.

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani yesterday day indicated that the country may seek a similar arrangement with its close ally China.

"Pakistan will now make efforts for a civil nuclear deal and they (the world community) will have to accommodate us," Gilani told reporters in Multan, soon after the Indo-US nuclear deal was approved by the US Senate.

(Source: The Economic Times, India)

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