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Monday, October 20, 2008

Foreign firms interested to build Darkhovin nuclear plant: official

Iran power plant construction company managing director, Mohammad Qods, said some Western countries have expressed readiness to cooperate in the construction of Darkhovin nuclear power plant.

Iran is seeking to build a light water nuclear power plant at a capacity of 360 megawatts near the city of Darkhovin. Iran nuclear energy production and development company has authorized the nuclear power plant construction company to implement the project, Qods told a press conference in Shiraz.

The company has arranged a 3-day seminar on designing and constructing nuclear power plants in Shiraz.

Qods said a number of Russian nuclear scientists including the Russian director of the Bushehr nuclear power station have been invited to the conference.

He stated that during the conference Iranian scientists would hold talks with foreign nuclear experts about the implementation of Darkhovin nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile Hamid Soltani, the managing director of the Iran nuclear power plant construction company, said, “Most of the project will be done by Iranian experts but we will also seek the views of foreign experts.”

He said the designing process of Darkhovin power plant would take 6 years and its construction would start by the beginning of 2013.

(Source: Tehran Times)

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