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Friday, April 4, 2008

Areva boosts its UK presence

Areva of France has acquired nuclear safety assessment company RM Consultants (RMC) in order to strengthen its presence in the UK. In addition, it is relaunching its corporate advertising campaign in Europe, with special focus on the country.

Areva advert

A shot from Areva's advert.

RMC provides a range of services, from front-end studies at the conceptual design and planning phase through to the commissioning, operation and decommissioning of nuclear plants or processes. This includes the preparation of safety cases and environmental statements with the supporting technical and engineering assessments. The company has provided safety assessment services for over 25 years to all the major operators of nuclear sites in the UK including: the Atomic Weapons Establishment, the UKAEA, British Nuclear Group, British Energy and Urenco.

Areva said the acquisition of RMC "strengthens its know-how in the field of nuclear safety and environmental risks analysis. It added that RMC will also provide Areva with its "extensive knowledge of the regulatory bodies and procedures which govern nuclear activities in the United Kingdom." The company said that RMC would "provide valuable support to Areva's major project ambitions in Great Britain, both in the nuclear fuel cycle and in new builds."

François-Xavier Rouxel, Areva's senior vice president for strategy, said: "The acquisition of RMC demonstrates our ambition to play an active role in the UK's nuclear renaissance. RMC's expertise will allow Areva to offer solutions which are tailored to the needs of its British partners."

Advertising campaign relaunched

Areva has also announced relaunched its Energy Experts corporate advertising campaign in Europe, extending its reach to British audiences for the first time. The popular 30-second advert, created in 2004, gives a condensed animated overview of the nuclear fuel cycle. Areva said the campaign aims to "strengthen Areva's attractiveness and consolidate awareness."

Areva has submitted its European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) nuclear reactor to UK authorities for Generic Design Assessment (GDA). The company intends to manage an 'Alliance' of companies that support EPR and "are considering EPR for new build in the UK."

(Source: World Nuclear News)

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