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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Russia could build nuclear power plant in Mongolia

Russia could sign a deal with Mongolia to build a small or medium-sized nuclear power plant in the country, state nuclear power corporation Rosatom said on Thursday.

Rosatom General Director Sergei Kiryenko's statement followed his meeting with Mongolian Prime Minister Sanjaa Bayar, who arrived in Moscow on Thursday on a three-day visit.

"During the meeting, the Mongolian prime minister confirmed his country's willingness to start elaborating a project to build a small or midsize nuclear power plant. We are prepared to join this work," Kiriyenko said.

The Russian nuclear power chief said Rosatom would sign on Friday a joint action plan for nuclear energy cooperation, which could envisage investing jointly in uranium production, handling supplementary exploration of Mongolian uranium deposits and building small or medium-sized nuclear power plants in the country.

"We will sign a joint action plan that envisages comprehensive work. In particular, it will be necessary to conduct additional prospecting of Mongolia's uranium deposits," Kiriyenko said.

According to Mongolian estimates, uranium reserves in the country amount to 60,000 metric tons. However, Russian experts have assessed Mongolia's uranium reserves at 120,000-150,000 tons.

(Source: RIA Novosti)


Maria said...

Russia seems to be creating a circle of plants of their construction around themselves.

Lonely Wolf said...

Logical of them to build a market around themselves... Although they are expanding even more to those countries where Western corporations do not dare to work like Iran for example, or Mongolia.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Russians have quite an extensive nuclear program for themselves - see here http://www.uic.com.au/nip62.htm, a lot of new reactors to be built. Looks almost like a nuclear boom.