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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turkey's First Nuclear Power Plant To Be Inaugurated In 2015

Turkey`s first nuclear power plant would probably be inaugurated in 2015, head of Turkish Electricity Trading Co. (TETAS) said on Tuesday.

Haci Duran Gokkaya, director general of TETAS, told the A.A correspondent that legal ground is already ready to produce nuclear energy in Turkey and the tender process --which started on March 24th, 2008-- would end on September 24th, 2008.

Four companies are interested in the tender so far and this number could go up to 10-15 before the end of September, Gokkaya said.

"A nuclear power plant costs 10-15 billion USD. Energy production through nuclear means has become more attractive thanks to support by the state," he said.

(Source: TurkishPress.com)


Anonymous said...

10-11 billion should be able to buy 3-4 gigawatts worth of nuclear plants.

I looked it up and Turkey produced 150 billion kwh of electrcity last year. Which suggests to me the capacity of their grid is currently around 23 gigawatts.


Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Here comes a detailed description of Turkey's electricity grids and supply structure today.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...
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Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Sorry the link was not visible completely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link tons of information there including smaller plants like smaller hydro and smaller gas and coal plants!