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Monday, April 28, 2008

Atom Watch on Atomic Podcast Network

Yesterday I had a pleasure to be a guest of Rod Adams on Atomic Show podcast, and it ended up in an fascinating discussion about nuclear politics, Chernobyl, world energy tendencies, issues of objectivity and information in the nuclear sphere, and many other things, among them those that were already discussing here plus much more.
I suppose we found a common language over thousands of miles separating us (I was in Kiev, and Rod in Annapolis, with 7 hour time difference; but internet technologies and Skype in particular has made it possible as well as if we were speaking on the phone).
The program is available online here.


rsm said...

Great interview. Very well deserved recognition.

Rod Adams said...

Actually, it was even better than using a phone, since we both have web cameras. It was almost like chatting with a new friend in the same room.

Thank you for your time, Alexandra.

Alexandra Prokopenko said...

You are always welcome! It was a pleasure to be your guest. I actually got a bit nostalgic when listening to our conversation - I am a former radio journalist, feels like 10 years ago in studio...