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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nuke Plant Accident Kills 2 In Pakistan

A gas leakage killed at least two people at a heavy water plant in the central part of Pakistan's Punjab province on Tuesday, prompting fresh concerns over the safety of the country's nuclear program.

But a senior Pakistani official said the heavy water plant near a town called Khushab was closed at the time of the leakage when it was undergoing annual maintenance, suggesting that the leakage did not take place when the plant was actively in operation. The official also said there was no indication of any radiation leak which would endanger the lives of people living around the facility.

"We have ordered an inquiry in to this matter and we await the results of that inquiry before we can say more" said the official speaking to CBS News on condition of anonymity. "I can assure you however that the situation is completely under control."

Western diplomats warned that Tuesday's incident would revive international concerns over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear program which has been a widely discussed subject in diplomatic circles during the past year as political instability has gripped the country.

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(Source: CBSNews)

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