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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nuclear power plants of 1280MW: Pakistan to seek financing from China

Pakistan has decided to seek major chunk of financing from China for setting up four new nuclear power units of 1280MW to bridge gap between supply and demand, sources told Daily Times on Tuesday.

Sources said that Pakistan would place request before Chinese authorities during the upcoming visit of President Pervez Musharraf to China.

Sources said that proposed nuclear units of 320MW each would be set up to generate 1280MW power by nuclear resources under the vision 2030. Two units of 320MW each will be set up in Chashma and two units will be established in Karachi.

They said that Finance Ministry is working on the process of getting financing from different countries including China and it would also chalk out the strategy to generate financing through joint venture by different countries.

The first phase project of Chashma Nuclear Plant was commissioned in September 2000. Chinese Company is already working on second phase of Chashma nuclear power plant and in May 2004,Pakistan and China signed a contract to jointly build the second phase project of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. China agreed to provide $350 million credit and will complete the project in 2011.

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(Source: Daily Times, Pakistan)


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see how cheap Chinese nuclear plants are going to be per megawatt.


Alexandra Prokopenko said...

For sure cheaper then the Japanese and Russian ones, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

I did some researching for cost and found this australian uranium industry website with incredible amounts of information.


On the Russian section they said the first new Russian reactor of the AES-2006(1170 MW) type is going to cost 2100$ USD per megawatt, but they wanted to get to 1200$ USD per megawatt.


Alexandra Prokopenko said...

Will check that thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Ah I found some numbers on the Chinese CPR-1000 cost on that same website I linked.

"Construction of the 6-unit Ningde nuclear power plant apparently commenced in November 2007. This is at Qinyu, Ningde city in northeast of Fujian province and phase 1 comprises four CPR-1000 units costing $7.145 billion. "

So looks like about 1,800$ per kilowatt of capacity. Thats 4 reactors so economy of scale though, and in China where construction costs are cheaper.


Anonymous said...

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